Centaur® HTP® is Designed with Horse Safety in Mind

Why Centaur® Horse Fence?

Designed with Horse Safety in Mind

Whether you’re shopping for a paddock or a hundred acre spread, you want a fence that’s safe, strong, and durable Centaur® HTP® is your equine fencing solution.

Traditional horse fencing options have too many design problems that can put your horses at risk—so much so that these fences have become the leading cause of injury to horses.1 Centaur is committed to lowering that risk. Using advanced technology, Centaur is created with an exclusive polymer blend for an incredibly strong and flexible fence that absorbs impact without breaking or weakening.

Your horses stay contained and protected and there’s nothing on the fence that can splinter causing injury. The polymer coating has no rough edges and the flexible design ensures that if an animal pushes or rushes the fence, the fence will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the perimeter.

You can be sure that Centaur fencing will withstand horses “testing” the fence as well as extreme weather conditions for decades to come.

1 - Lawrence, Larry A. Fencing Options for Horse Farm Management in Virginia. Virgina Cooperative Extension Livestock Update. April 1999.

Easy to Install

Gently rounded fences are the safest, most economical and attractive configuration. Because it uses a flexible rail, Centaur® HTP® Fencing naturally follows undulating terrain and forms aesthetically pleasing and safer curves. Just follow our Installation Manual for easy instructions.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Centaur® fence rails do not splinter, rust, rot or crack. With no boards to paint or replace, Centaur provides long lasting protection with minimal maintenance.

Warranty Coverage

Centaur® horse friendly fence products are built to last. These durable containment systems are backed by either a 20 or 30 year limited warranty, depending on product. See instruction manuals for warranty details.

Classic Estate Beauty

Available in white, brown and black, Centaur® HTP® Fencing has the visual appeal of traditional “estate” fencing. A variety of styles are on display in our Gallery of Fences.