White Lightning HTP® Electric Wire Horse Fencing

Safer than Smooth or Barbed Wire

White Lightning is permanent electric fencing that combines high tensile wire for strength and polymers with a mixture of carbon for safety and conductivity. Our three shock point design provides 360° conductivity.

White Lightning® withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. Our coated design means no slicing or cutting injuries.

White Lightning® installs like electric high-tensile wire and is engineered for durability, resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature ranges. It is effective in high-tensile installations regardless of overall fence length.

  • Withstands expansion rates due to temperature changes
  • Unique co-polymer 12.5 gauge galvanized hightensile steel wire embedded in a tough HTP Polymer coating with electric properties
  • White Lightning is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
  • Fence life is 20+ years with a 20-year limited warranty
  • White Lightning® coated high tensile wire is easily combined with other Centaur rail and strand fencing to fit your budget or design needs

The Fencer's Lasso® is the easiest and fastest way to terminate, insulate and tension electrified single strand products! A combination of a heavy-duty end strain insulator and tensioner with a pre-fastened looped cable. No crimping tool required. Fits up to 8" diameter post.

Fencer's Lasso
Available Colors
Available Colors