Centaur Testimonials

Chester’s Heart-Breaking Story

(Facebook Story/ Photo Contest Winners 2011)


Three years ago, Chester lived in a beautiful new 3-board oak fenced pasture. On a crisp, green summer afternoon, we were cantering circles on the longe line.

A small spook and he was free in the field, his exuberant galloping strides following the fence line. One of those terrifying sliding stops at the corner, but there was slick clay mud and he was unable to stop.

His muscular right shoulder cracked the thick oak board as he tried to turn, leaving a spear, that momentum pushed torwards his heart. He galloped down the hill, back to me, leaving an arc of blood with every stride.

He came to me and laid down at my feet and died.

When we purchased our own land and started building the barn and fencing, I knew board fence was never an option. I needed something that would keep my horses safe and let me once again enjoy seeing those beautiful flights across the field. I chose Centaur.

I can feel safe as my partner leaps and careens down the steep and muddy hill, if he can't stop, Centaur will protect him.



Chevy’s Misadventure

It was the mid-1990’s.  We had just finished building a wonderful house on acreage outside of Portland, Oregon, along with – a first for me! – a new barn. The new barn was beautiful, tidy, efficient, and had everything I’d need to run things myself.  I was fairly new to horses, and this was my first foray living on the same property as the horses.  I had boarded for a few years and had carefully observed the details of other barns and pastures. I had decided on Centaur fencing for the fields: in western Oregon, where it rains a lot, wood doesn’t last long.  And with horses, wire is out – I had witnessed problems in places I’d boarded.  With electric tape, I had shocked myself just too many times.  I heard about and looked into the flexible Centaur fencing, which fit criteria of looks, safety, and durability, and bought what I needed for the 5 acres or so of pasture/turnout on the hill, which could be divided into 3 pastures, if necessary, by closing gates.  After it was installed, using white painted 6” posts, the place looked like a real horse facility!  The barn had five stalls but my two horses were the only ones currently in residence.  My middle-school aged daughters, who were taking lessons on lesson horses at a nearby hunter-jumping barn, occasionally enjoyed coming out to tend and ride my horses.  Who do you think painted all the posts?  Those daughters, and their friends too, needed something to do that summer! 

My youngest daughter, Danielle, came out with me to the barn one early fall afternoon.  She fetched the chunky little Arab Chevy from the pasture, and while I was inside the barn, tied the lead rope around a very heavy 5-foot log bench (we’re talking around 250 pounds).  When I came out of the barn and rounded the corner in her direction, I had the quick thought – uh-oh, not a good idea to tie him there!  Before I could speak, Chevy pulled back, the bench gave just a bit, and he panicked and took off.  Happily, Danielle had stepped aside to reach for a brush and was safely out of the way.

Aghast, we watched the horse dash (as fast as he could, what with the log bench attached to him) around the pipe-railed round pen, fall and roll over -- with the bench rolling over him – and dash off again on the other side of the round pen, tripping and falling again on the way, to head down a bit of a grassy slope toward the pasture, beautifully fenced as it was with the new Centaur fencing.  Lo and behold, Chevy catapulted himself THROUGH the top and middle sections of the fence, fell down again and rolled over on the other side of the fence! At that point, the bench caught at a vertical angle on the outside of the fence, and quite abruptly the whole disastrous event came to a complete halt. All I could think of was, ohmagosh, this horse is gonna die, or at least end up in a number of pieces!

When the proverbial dust had settled, we ran over and released Chevy from his burden.  Miraculously, Chevy was in one piece – nothing even broken.  He got up, shook himself, and walked off.  There was no sign of injury, nothing was out of whack, then or in the coming days.  If he was a bit sore -- and I figured he had to be! -- you couldn’t tell.

Well, the running around with a 250-pound bench flying, falling and rolling over and around him was bad enough, but I figured the fencing that was able to stretch around his body and eventually stopped the bench is what saved his life!  Imagine if he and the bench had hit rigid fencing – it would have been all over. On top of it, the fence itself wasn’t the least bit damaged.  I was so grateful for that fencing.

In the 16 years since then, dozens of horses have resided at my place for short or long terms, and been turned out daily in the fields – yes, rain, shine, sleet or snow.  Through the years, one way or another and for who-knows-what reason, they’ve tried unsuccessfully to get through the fencing; run into it here or there in a panic; pushed and shoved each other around and into it; -- and it has lasted lo these many years without injuring a horse or breaking. 

Occasionally, I’ve had to tighten it, re-wrap around some posts, or replace a short stretch nearest the barn where horses (especially new ones used to being in a stall) have persisted in their efforts to be on the other side.

Many a clever horse has figured out how to reach their necks through to munch, without mishap, the grass just outside the fence line, which they can do at will, bless their hearts, since they mow it nicely.

For all of this I thank you, Centaur!  I’m looking for a smaller place now and will use Centaur flexible fencing once again.  Wouldn’t have horses without it. 

By Nancy D. Johnson


Surviving the Epic Flood of 2009

Photo 1 Photo 2

On Sunday, September 20th, 2009. the rain began as any other typical rain in northwest Atlanta.   Little did we know that this rain would go down in the history books as the “Epic Flood or 2009”! The twenty inches of rain that deluged our  area in twenty four hours set a record for the most rain that has ever fallen in a twenty-four hour period in the United States. This record eclipsed every hurricane or tropical storm, including Hurricane Katrina! All of this rain resulted in a very devastating flood that destroyed Roads, bridges, and homes in our area and throughout the surrounding counties. Our Poplar Springs creek flooded so severely that it was featured on one of Atlanta’s major news station and caused some extreme damage to our field, creek bank and trees that lined the creek. Our creek suddenly became a raging river that twisted trees from the banks and uprooted even the guardrail that lined the now underwater bridge.

After the water finally subsided, we began to evaluate the massive damage that this storm had caused to our pasture, barn, and fence. We noticed that our pasture fence was no longer standing and had moved in a serpentine pattern into the middle of our pasture. The fence posts had been uprooted (with the cement anchors still attached). When the water subsided, the “Centaur Fence” had successfully survived this tough storm intact and was not damaged by the flow of debris and forceful torrents that raged through our area. When we installed the “Centaur Fence”, we were told that this fence was strong but we had no idea that the fence would one day survive such a devastating flood beyond the 500-year flood projections. We were very impressed with our Centaur Fence; and we are fortunate that we were able to just reset our fence posts and renew our “Centaur Fence” easily while our neighbors were starting over. I truly believe your claim that the Centaur fence “outlasts traditional fencing.” We are overwhelmed and so thankful that the “Centaur Fence’ lived up to its reputation and survived the “Epic Flood of 2009”!

Andrew Wilson

Centaur Fence Saves Stud Colt

Colt Photo Courtesy Laura Behning I took a three year old stud colt in to train and had turned him out to pasture for a day off. He went up from the pasture to the vicinity of my elevated arena (which is fenced in Centaur), where I had turned him out [with] another colt, and kicked uphill at the other horse and hung himself in the fence. I saw it happen from the house and by the time I got to him he had kicked free. He only had superficial skinned places and some hematoma in the following days, which I addressed with cold therapy, but it was not necessary to call the vet. I can only begin to imagine what it would have been like on any other type of fence. Experience tells me that I might have lost the horse and all that time I had put in on him not to mention the liability. I have had this Centaur Fencing for more than 10 years now and am convinced it will outlive me.

Now I only have to repair or replace a 600 ft run.

John M. Hutcheson

Gab Creek Farm: Foundation Morgans
http://www.gabcreekfarm.com (September 23, 2009)

Affected Fence Bracket Holding Fence Affected Fence Repaired Fence

Farm fencing crew replaced by Centaur Fencing Systems

Bob Brady

Bob Brady, Lexington, KY farm manager, reports that he “replaced 15 miles of wood fence and a 3-man crew with the Centaur system.” His farm will reap decades of lower maintenance costs while increasing the safety for their valuable stock.

Pasture fencing pays for itself and prevents injuries to valuable livestock

We had a pony chase 8 heifers around the pasture...they all got scared and bunched up together and ran into the fence (as a group) at full speed. It was like a cartoon. They all bounced off in the opposite direction and kept going. The fence held and didn’t even break the 4-inch posts. The fence paid for itself in that moment.


Adams, TN

Imagine how tragically C.K.’s story would have ended if she had a board or wire fence!

Teething Baby Centaur rail fencing has fans of all ages!

After installing Centaur fence several months ago at our home, we realized that our six month old grandson is equally as excited about the new fence as we are...


Scott & Kimberly R. Reid

Gulfport, MS ( November 22, 2006)

Fencing for horses bounces back after storm

fence covered with debris after storm after tightening the fence its like new again

Just a note with some photos to let you know how well your fencing has held up for us here in Florida...land of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

We use the fencing for horses and were away for the weekend at a Sheriff Posse event. When we returned, a storm had broken a tree and a huge limb was now resting on the fence, as you can see in the photos. Once the tree and debris was removed, we were able to tighten the fence and it looked great! We are enclosing the photos that you can use for advertising, if you wish. The Citrus County Posse unit has now also purchased this fencing for their new arena.

Thank you for a strong and durable product.


Don and Carol Bartolet
Sun Spots Ranch
Dunnellon, Florida ( Sept. 11, 2006)

Centaur is a Good Buy

After comparing different fencing products, I decided that Centaur fencing was a far superior product when comparing appearance and durability, particularly for dollars spent.

Phil from Marion, IL

Proud New Centaur Fence Owner

I am extremely satisfied with the looks, installation, and maintenance of your Centaur Fencing System. I have had numerous inquiries about the system and have been proud to recommend your company.

Eugene from Florence, AL

Safe Horse Fencing

Our first consideration in choosing Centaur was safety. For the past two years our young stallions have put it through every test imaginable, and it has passed with flying colors.

Carolyn from Ottawa, OH

Centaur is Strong and Flexible

A quality product that is strong yet flexible enough to give our horses excellent protection.

Ted from Winlock, WA

Low Maintenance Fencing Saves Time

The best fence product I’ve ever seen. We have a small farm and a good portion of my time has always been spent maintaining fences. Not anymore.

John from Edgewood, NM

12 Miles of Fencing, 6 Hours of Maintenance = One Happy Fence Owner

We installed 12 miles of Centaur Fencing on our new farm in Saratoga-County, New York, in the spring of 1987, and have spent less than six hours in the past 18 months on maintenance. However, its greatest asset to our operation is the safety factor. Horses just do not get hurt when they come into contact with this fence.

Blue Sky Farm

Centaur Survives Another Storm

I installed Centaur® HTP Fencing at my home in Alabama because of its durability and low maintenance. Recently, high winds caused several old magnolia trees to fall across this fencing. We simply cut away the fallen trees, tighten the Centaur® HTP fencing and it looks good as new. This is the only fence I’ll ever need.

Bill from Courtland, AL

A Better Fence That’s Easy to Install

Centaur makes a far superior quality fence and it was so easy to install! We get many compliments from people who see it.

Okanagan Falls, BC (June, 2001)

Horses Can’t Figure Out How to Hurt Themselves on Centaur

The Centaur fence not only looks good but also offers considerable protection to horses doing all the dumb things horses do.

Dade City, FL (February 2000)

Good Fence and Customer Service

Thanks for the great product and the time you took to help me along the way. I will definitely highly recommend you to my friends.

E.A. (May, 2000)

Centaur Scores High Marks

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased we are with your products and the level of help we received, before, during, and after the installation . . .When we purchased 50 acres and started thinking about the overwhelming task of fencing and cross fencing, the first thing I did was research different products and different companies. I made countless phone calls, talked to every body I could think of, and requested samples. After explaining our situation to so many different companies, nobody had a suggestion for more affordable, yet safe, fencing until I spoke to you . . .I can’t begin to tell how pleased we are with the integrity, the performance, ease on installation, and looks of this product.

M.B. from Myakka City, FL

40° Below is not too Cold for Centaur Fencing

Just wanted to let you know that I had purchased Centaur® HTP fencing in 1998. My husband and I installed the fence (fairly easy) and I have been extremely pleased with it. It has been well worth the investment.  I was skeptical about this fence being able to hold up to our extreme winters here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but  it has proved me wrong. It has withstood 40 below zero weather and still gave when pushed against. Last year when the snow melted the bottom rail had been “scrunched” together and the brackets were bowed way out, but as soon as it warmed up the fence flattened out and the brackets returned to normal—I’m amazed. Thank you for building such a safe and reliable fence! I have talked a lot of my fellow horse friends into Centaur® HTP®. I think everyone should have it at their barns. I know it’s all I’ll ever use.

Marquette, MI (March 1999)

Centaur’s One Great Fence

We just wanted to let you know that we’ve had our Centaur fence almost a year and we’re thrilled with it. Our old wooden fence had grown so weak that, when our yearling once spooked, he ran right through four different sections of it. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured but we knew we’d been lucky. We wanted a fence that would be strong, safe, good-looking and low-maintenance. Centaur fence was everything we were looking for. Thanks for all your help, and for a great fence!

Statesville, NC (May 1999)

Horses Bounce off Centaur Fencing Unhurt

Our seven week old filly became frightened when the broodmare was bucking and running and the filly ran directly into the Centaur fencing. She just bounced off unhurt. We have not had any incidents of a horse being hurt on the Centaur fencing and we are extremely pleased with it.

Sterrett, AL (June 1999)

Less Worries with Centaur Fencing

Our fences have survived two severe winters, with temperatures ranging from –20 to 0 for weeks at a stretch. There has been no fading, stretching, drooping, or mold/discoloration on the fences. . . We wanted a sturdy fence as our property borders a 55 mph road, which is frequented by logging trucks and other huge vehicles. And since we have a stallion, mares, foals (i.e., not just geldings) good fences help us sleep better at night!!

Washburn, WI (June 1999)

Centaur Pays for Itself

We feel your fencing pays for itself every time the brakes fail on one of our youngsters or a foal puts a leg through a rail. Centaur® Has a kept our seven horses injury free and given us peace of mind when we leave them.

Pass Christian, MS (April 1998)

Centaur Spur Rail Holds Up in Car Crash

The car wound up three feet inside the pasture, snapping off one fence post and pulling one out of the ground. The fencing held up well, stretching but not breaking and it actually stopped the car. When the car was removed, the fence was in place enough to contain the horses. It confirmed my faith that your fencing is the strongest, safest available.

Burdett, NY (March 1996)

3 Years and Still a Heck of a Fencing Product

It’s been three years since my installation of the Centaur fencing that you sold us and I wanted to get back to you to express my pleasure with the product. We used the fencing to construct a series of divided pastures to house mares and foals and youngsters in their early growing years. Of primary concern to us when looking for a fencing product was safety for the horses within the enclosures and ease of maintenance. Your product met all our wishes. After I put up the fencing we began moving our mares and foals into the pastures.  My wife and I observed foals just learning their boundaries hit the fence and bounce off unhurt. On several occasions we observed mares jockeying for dominance force one or the other into the fence; again without injury to the horse or the fence. We have never had an injury of any kind with your product; nor have we had to repair any fence since its installation.

We have nothing but praise for the fencing and your helpful hints during my installation. Centaur Fence has guaranteed a safe pasture and paddock boundary for our horses, coupled with the fact that it’s maintenance-free. In my opinion that translates to one heck of a product. Thanks again.

Pleasanton, CA (May 1995)

Our Horses Stay Contained in Centaur Fences

Not only is this fence beautiful to look at but for the first time in a long career of owning, riding and training horses I feel confident that I have provided the very safest, reliable fencing possible. . . I wouldn’t have anything else—no matter what the cost! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that when you turn your horses out in Centaur fencing that’s exactly where they’ll be when you come back!

Shepherd, MI (March 1993)