Centaur Horse Fence Planning Center

Centaur Planning Center

Centaur® Helps You Plan Your Next Horse Fence

Horse Fencing Fundamentals

Containment strength, safety, cost, ease of installation, and appearance are all important factors in determining what fence is right for you and your horses.

Compare Centaur to Other Types of Horse Fencing

You’ll see horses kept in just about every fence material out there. Is wood the best value or just traditional? Is PVC the safest or just easy to install? Not when stacked up against Centaur® Horse Fencing Systems; see why nothing compares to Centaur® Horse fencing.

Centaur Innovations

You may see other fencing that looks like Centaur, but nothing that performs like Centaur Fencing Systems. We invented and perfected key design features that make Centaur the only true Horse-Friendly Fence.

Why Centaur Fences

Unlike many fence types like rigid PVC and wire, Centaur® HTP® Fencing Systems is specifically designed for safe, reliable equine containment. Here’s why Centaur is more than a fence, it’s peace of mind.

Centaur Products

Do you want high break strength? Do you want to install an electric horse fence? Do you want a fence that looks as good as it works? All of the above?

Whatever your needs, Centaur® has a system that fits your budget. Compare all of Centaur’s innovative horse fencing products.