Centaur’s Gallery of Horse Fences

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ES Robbins, Inventer and Owner of Centaur Fencing
Stormcat Foal
Hot Rail® Electric HTP® Rail Fencing
Black Centaur® HTP® 5" Rail Fence
PolyPlus Safety-Coated Strand Fencing
Black Centaur® HTP® Fencing that is Safer, Stronger, and Lasts Longer
White Lightning® Electric Strand Fencing
Centaur® HTP® Horse Fence
Centaur - For that Classic Estate Look
Are your horses safely contained?
CenFlex® HTP® 5" Flexible Rail Fencing
Centaur Fencing is Elephant Tough, Horse Friendly
Fence Line of Centaur 5" Rail in Black
Black Centaur Fencing, used to protect valuable horse assets
Brown Centaur® HTP® Fence on a Fall Day

Centaur Fence Flexes with Impact

Barns, trucks and icy tree limbs