Comparison of Centaur Horse Fencing to Other Farm Fencing Types

Find out what makes Centaur® HTP® Horse Fence better than wood, rigid PVC, look-alike polymers, tapes, braids, and ribbons, or barbed wire and smooth high tensile wire.

Bad Barbed Wire Fence


So dangerous, you may as well call the vet as you’re ordering the fence

No Wire Fencing Problems

  • Designed for cattle, uncoated wire is very dangerous for horses, especially in close confinement.

  • In a skirmish, uncoated wire will slice through a horse like a knife.

Yes The Solution

Centaur’s single-strand fencing is safety-coated in the long-lasting HTP® polymer used to create our rails.

Engineered for durability and stability even in the harshest climates, HTP® coated single wire products provide affordable and safe fencing options.

Bad Wood Fence


An antiquated farm fence material that you’ll pay for again and again and again....

No Wood Fencing Problems

  • Naturally prone to warp, rot, splinter, and break leading to serious lacerations and even impalement on broken rails.

  • When a horse charges a wood fence, the horse absorbs the full energy of the blow and is at greater risk for injury.

  • Wood fencing requires constant and costly repairs due to cribbing, weathering and other damages—$.50 to $.70 per foot annually—costing you time and money for years to come.

Yes The Solution

Centaur offers the same traditional look as wood fence while providing safe, reliable containment without the costs or risks of wood.

Centaur fencing stays as beautiful as the day you installed it for decades. No painting or replacing boards, simply tension your fence twice a year to ensure optimum performance and a stately appearance.

You’ll appreciate it as much as your horses!


Bad Rigid PVC Fence


A lawn ornamentation just can't make it down on the farm

No PVC Fencing Problems

  • Designed for residential applications, PVC fencing cannot withstand the impact that horses can dish out. As a result, shattered rails with sharp edges can slice or impale a horse.

  • Horses can kick, knock or push out the rigid vinyl rails, causing an escape hazard and costly repairs.

  • Material quality varies greatly causing discoloration, decreased break strength and shortened fence life.

Yes The Solution

Unlike rigid vinyl fence, Centaur was specifically designed to keep horses safely contained while greatly reducing the chance of fence-related injuries.

Centaur will give, but it will not break and it immediately springs back to its original position.

That means that every time a horse decides to test the fence, you're not chasing horses, making repairs, or doctoring injuries!



We’re flattered, but don't be fooled by “also-rans”

No Look-Alike Problems

  • Look-Alike brands are made from standard-grade polymers that will not mechanically bond to wire. Instead, glue is used (molecular bonding). As the wire, glue, and polymer react to temperature fluctuations, the polymer weakens and tears. Horses can become entangled in the tears and injured.

  • Generic one-piece, rust prone, metal-stamped brackets cause rails to buckle. This creates wear and tear on the rail, increasing your maintenance time and cost.

  • Look-Alike products guarantee their fence life for only 12 to 20 years.

Yes The Solution

You won't see the features that make Centaur The Horse-Friendly Fence anywhere else because many are so ground-breaking that they are patented:

  • Centaur rail is made of a proprietary polymer blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilizers and anti-fungicides. The polymer is mechanically bonded to the wire creating the highest break strength and endurance ratings even under extreme weather conditions.

  • Centaur's two-piece “belt-loop” bracket system allows the rail to slip through, dispersing impact while stability bars within the bracket prevent the rail from buckling. Molded from HTP® polymer with a solid steel core, Centaur’s brackets are virtually indestructible and significantly extend the life of the rail.

  • Centaur's barrel tensioners, constructed of heavy-duty steel, make installation faster and easier. Tensioners mount unobstrusively on end or line posts, preserving the traditional appearance of the fence. More than a pretty fence, Centaur Fences have over 20 years of proven performance and are backed by a 20 or 30 year limited warranty.


For when you want to keep your horses here—no wait, there!

No Tape and Braid Fencing Problems

  • Designed for very temporary, constantly supervised containment, not made to be permanent fence solutions.

  • Horses can easily break tapes and braids and become entangled and seriously injured.

Yes The Solution

Centaur’s line of coated single wire fencing is as much as three times stronger than tape or braid.

Safety-coated in HTP® polymer, our strand products install easily enough for temporary enclosures and are strong enough for permanent fencing without compromising safety.