Ed Robbins and the Centaur Fence Story

From Tragedy to Innovative Horse Friendly Fencing

ES Robbins plays polo

Edward S. Robbins, III, is an active polo player. He’s also cut cattle, ridden to hounds, and been involved with nearly every full-speed equestrian sport.

In 1980 Ed Robbins was visiting a friend who had just purchased new acreage with wood rail fencing. This friend, an equine vet, fully intended to change the fencing as soon as possible, but in the meantime had turned his polo string out to play.

Ed witnessed his friend’s best horse mangle himself on the fence and watched while his friend had to put the horse down.

Knowing the possibilities of plastics and looking long and hard at what makes traditional fence material a threat to horses, Ed vowed to create a fence that would be as safe as a fence could be—offering absolute containment, yet a gentle rebound for any horse that encountered the fence.

The goal? No horse owner—no matter what their income—would ever have to settle for less-than-safe fencing again. Soon, the Centaur fence company was meeting that goal.

Centaur Racing @ Churchill Downs Today the Centaur® HTP® Fencing Systems team continue a tradition of innovation. Centaur designers incorporate the latest developments in materials and technology to expand and update the Centaur line, providing you with the safest, most durable and economical horse fencing available.

E.S. Robbins Founded Horse Fence Company, Centaur, in 1980

Centaur® HTP® fencing company is a subsidiary of ES Robbins Corporation, an industry leader in polymer and plastics manufacturing. Along with protecting your horses, we manufacture office products such as chairmats and carpet protector and a complete line of industrial and food service workplace solutions including strip and impact doors. We’ve been making products that make life easier and safer for thousands of customers for over 40 years.

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